How To Make A Good Instagram Bio To Gain Followers Fast And Easy

How To Make A Good Instagram Bio

How To Make A Good Instagram Bio

Doing the tiny Instagram Bio tips I’m going to give you here will help you gain new Instagram followers, give visitors to your profile more reason to follow you, get more Instagram likes and more.

The Instagram bio is way more important than most people realize.

It’s the first thing people see from you BEFORE they see your Instagram pictures.

For that reason you need to make sure people are impressed by your Instagram bio first and foremost so you can gain a new follower.

instagram bio tips

You also need to make sure your Followers and Following ratio doesn’t make you look like a robot or someone trying to follow and unfollow people all day.

Let’s remember that first impressions are really important. This is why the Instagram bio is so incredibly important to set up correctly.

It can mean the difference between someone taking you seriously in 2 seconds or leaving your Instagram profile forever and never remembering your name.

The last thing you want to happen is someone to come to your Instagram profile and have this feeling about you because you look like an a**hole

something good to put in your Instagram bio


Make A Good Instagram Bio

We are going to look at my Instagram Bio and I’ll explain to you why I have every single piece set up the way it is.

First let’s look at the followers and following ratio here.

A good rule of thumb is to NEVER let it go over 1,000 people.

Even with 100,000 followers if you are following over 1,000 people it just looks bad. Keep that number as low as you can.

Yes, there is a time where you may potentially be using the secrets I explain later in this article to follow and unfollow people to grow your base a bit, but after you have done that you should keep the number under 1,000 just for first impression purposes on your Instagram bio.

This is an article on How To Make A Good Instagram Bio but if you know me I always go above and beyond so I’ll make sure you understand everything so you can grow your Instagram faster.

If you want more than just Instagram Bio tips and want to see every little smart trick I use check this article out too.

How To Make A Good Instagram Bio

Number 1

1) Writing Your Good Instagram Bio Headline

The Instagram Bio headline is what people see when you first follow them. Since it is the first thing they see, it needs to entice them or be something that makes them interested enough to check out your profile.

In this case I use a quick outline of what my actual brand is.

By telling people I lost my mom AND my dad but still worked my ass off, when they see how many followers and fans I have, they are much more impressed.

I do this because as soon as people read it, anyone who is conscious of what it actually means immediately thinks about if they didn’t have their mom or dad.

I get people every single day and every single time they add me in person asking me questions about my Instagram Bio headline.

It intrigues people and makes them want to know at least a bit more. Then that is where we explain everything else.


Number 2

2) My Location For Networking And Meeting New People On Instagram

I do this so anyone who wants to work with me knows where I am located.

It’s just ‘LA’ so it’s something everyone’s brain immediately processes.

Now, If I made it say something like, Los Angeles, California… that’s too much. LA wraps all that up. Plus LA is a known hub for entertainment industries so it’s also like bragging for the simple fact that LA is my location.

I also do it so girls know where I’m located 😉

hot girl winking gif

Number 3

3) Make people feel emotionally attached to why they should check me out 

Again, my brand is my life story because that’s what I use to inspire people in my music and in everything else.

I’m also priming people to want to click the link at the bottom of the bio.

Also, saying it like this makes people say to themselves “Hey, you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Because most people look at me and think because I am so happy and successful that I had a perfect life when the truth is I have one of the craziest life stories and fucked up childhoods.

This is a strategy to have people respect everything I’ve accomplished even more. It was a much longer road for me to get here than people who had anything near a normal life.


Number 4

4) A Call To Action To Make People Think About Following Me On Instagram

I am also about growing yourself and inspiring others to become great. I am on a journey to become the greatest person I can possibly be and then use that level to inspire everyone else to push themselves to accomplish their dreams.

This Instagram bio line shows I am headed in a good and right direction while also giving a CTA (Call To Action) which is to ‘Follow Me’ without it seeming like I mean ‘Follow me on Instagram’.

It’s there to make their subconscious think to ‘Follow Me’. Without the call to action they might not even consider following me.

I added this line in a few weeks ago and I am definitely getting more followers daily from it.


Number 5

5) Credentials In My Industry So People See I Am A True Artist

Everyone says they make music, they are a rapper or a singer… yea that’s cool… but unless you have some credentials you are really just another wanna be rapper or singer to a new potential fan.

Me showing that I have iTunes Top 100 albums not only shows I not only make good music but I make music people are willing to buy and actually says “Yes, I make music” in the same line.


Number 6

6) Credentials To Impress People

This is something good to put in your Instagram bio.

Right after the line talking about how I do music I throw in more credentials to give my music career more validity.

Not only does it impress people to see how many views I have acquired across all my YouTube channels but it also adds more to them clicking the link below the bio since it clearly leads to YouTube.

Notice how it all leads up to get them to click that link at the bottom.

instagram bio set up tips

Number 7

7) An Impressive Reason To Make Them Click The Instagram Link Below

The last line of your Instagram bio should be used to try to get people to click the link.

In this case I give the credibility factor of the link itself so people are more prone to clicking it.

We speak more below on why getting people to that link is important.


Number 8

8) The Instagram Bio Link

If you read above you can kind of tell a lot of everything in the Instagram bio was set up in order to get people to click that bio link.

This is because what you are going to put in that bio link is going to be what represents YOU the most as an artist.

It’s probably going to be a link to your new music video so people can hear how good you are and want to subscribe to your YouTube and also follow you on Instagram.

If it was a YouTuber or a comedian their Instagram Bio link would lead to their newest comedy sketch video.

In my case, my brand is inspiration and my story so my link leads to my life story video so people can see how I put my story out there to inspire people. Then if they want to be inspired more they check out everything else.

You are building a connection with your new potential fan through whatever you show them.


Number 9

9) The Set Up Of Each Instagram Bio Line

Sometimes you will see bios set up in different ways. Maybe they are separated by | or – or just emojis.

I set up each line to be something that builds credibility for me to gain a fan.

That as well as each line being separated stops it from being all cluttered and squeezed together.

Use emojis that are relevant to the line to show an emotion or attitude with the line. Look at mine again really quick if you wanna see what I mean.

You only have so many characters you can use in your bio so use them wisely. Emojis count as 2 characters.

More instagram tips

using the instagram bio

I mean by now it’s pretty obvious you need to use that link spot! It’s funny to me how often I see Instagram Bios with a link in it that isn’t actually in the link spot.

Since our entire purpose is to get people to click your link, make sure that when they do click it, it is the BEST thing from you that will make them potentially become a fan.

It’s really that simple.


instagram bio set up

Put your biggest accomplishments in your Instagram Bio

What have you done in your career or life that would impress people?

The things you are proud of and that people who know you are proud of is what should go in your Instagram bio to make it good.

setting up instagram bio

instagram bio tricks

What Is A Call To Action?

Anywhere in your Instagram bio you need to have at least one call to action.

I personally use two in my Instagram bio and I’ll show you why.

A call to action also known as a CTA is when you tell the person reading what they should do.

It calls them to make an action.

Just like at the end of this article when I ask you to subscribe to my e-mail list.

You give a call to action because it leads the person to do something. If you tell them to follow, like pictures, go to a link or something else it sparks the idea of actually doing it in their head.

If you don’t tell them to follow you or like a picture, they themselves may not think to do it.

This is why if you have ever watched a Big YouTuber’s video they always say Comment, Like and Subscribe at the end of every single video they ever release. It reminds the viewer to do those things. It’s very important.

In this case we are trying to use a call to action in your Instagram Bio that gets the viewer to click whatever the link is in your bio.

If you look at my bio for instance you see me reference what is in the link so that they WANT TO CLICK it.


In the last line of your Instagram Bio you need to use a call to action


changing your instagram bio

I adjust lines in my Instagram bio on a regular basis just to test and see what works according to how people are following and reacting to my profile.

Tweak it all until it is perfect.

If you want proof that you should constantly tweak your Instagram bio until it is perfect… just look at my old Instagram bio. It is no where near as well put together as it is now.

Learning everything is a process. I used to think this was the best Instagram bio look for me.

instagram bio tricks

putting spaces in instagram bio on iphone

How To Put Spaces In Your Instagram Bio On An iPhone

In your iPhone go into your ‘Notes’ and make the bio you want making sure it’s the perfect amount of characters WITH the spaces and then copy and paste that into your bio section.

It will enter into your Instagram bio with the spaces just like you had it set up in the notepad.


how to gain followers on instagram

Secrets To Gain Followers On Instagram

If at this point you don’t think I know a little bit about Instagram marketing you are clearly Lindsay Lohan before rehab crazy.

This is priceless so please pay attention because I never had to share this but I know it will help a lot of people grow their businesses and fan bases.

instagram secrets

To help me in my growing my Instagram page I have implemented some smart strategies such as using a software that automates my tasks. All businesses use them whether you realize it or not. It helps save time and is also great for customer acquisition and leads.

How To Gain 1,000’s of Instagram Followers A Month While You Sleep

I show you how to get your Instagram to automatically Follow people, Unfollow people, Like people’s pictures, Comment on people’s pictures, DM people and more with the press of a couple buttons.

I’d like to show additional proof it works, aside from the proof I already showed you on the page for the software.


I have it set up to automatically comment on people’s pictures and occasionally randomly tag 2 users on the picture so that the person says “Who the f is this guy and why did he just tag me in a picture? How does he even know who I am?”

Then when they say something to me, I go to their profile and like some pictures or respond back. Then they usually follow me. Here is proof I screen shotted yesterday just for this guide.


1) This is what happens when you use the software to AUTO COMMENT. I set it up to tag random people on random pictures. So when they see I tagged them they say “Huh?” or “What?” 


2) I go to the picture to see what the “Huh?” was for. To make sure it wasn’t a comment like “Interesting” that I also leave sometimes. If It is a comment, I respond. But It wasn’t. Below you can see it tagged her randomly. No idea who this girl is lol.

I swear, you guys better love me for showing you this stuff lol 


3) Then I go to her profile and like a few pictures she recently posted. Sometimes I comment, in this case I didn’t. I just liked 3 of her pictures. You can see it’s her screen name top left and that I liked her picture. 


4) Two minutes later she liked my picture, Then followed me, then liked another picture of mine. Then she probably clicked my link bio to find out more about me. You can also see it was just moments before that she commented to me “Huh?” in the RED BOX at the bottom. 



And here is another example!

I have it searching Hashtags in my home City of Chicago. So it likes every picture with the hashtag Chicago and it also comments on those same pictures. 


1) Notice it liked the picture already. 

2) The RED BOX is an automatic message I made and put into the software to say. 

3) The person responds wondering if MAYBE we really met. 

4) In the BLUE BOX I Then respond manually, being witty to show them I’m a nice guy. 

5) That person now follows me ? 


The other benefits of this same software are

1) Runs all day and you don’t have to do anything but set it up once
2) It comments on pictures
3) It likes pictures
4) It’ll even post your pictures for you if you want it too
5) It Follows people and only unfollows people who aren’t following you back
6) It will Direct Messages people for you


Don’t Forget That The Instagram Software Is Key

The automation software will guarantee maximum growth every single day.

Let’s do the math here, I have this Instagram Software set to:

1) Like 1,000 Pictures A day
2) Comment on 200 pictures a day
3) Following 800 people a day
4) Direct Message 20+ new followers a day


That is a reach of over 2,000+ people a day potentially
coming to my profile and becoming fans.

2,000+ people seeing you a day X 30 days in a month



Make sure to check out the software by clicking here


wrapping up

You should know How To Make A Good Instagram Bio now! Think outside of the box and write something really unique that is going to make people really want to become a fan of you.

Remember the content on your Instagram is also super important but this is primarily based on How To Make A Good Instagram Bio.

If you want to check out my Top Instagram Tricks you can check that article out here.


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