How To Overcome Shyness | It’s Destroying Your Life! Here Are 9 Ways To Stop It

How To Overcome Shyness

To do a lot of big things in life, you have to learn how to overcome shyness. Being shy will hold you back in everything from getting a spouse to being able to take advantage of potential opportunities that can will change your life forever.


When you learn how to overcome shyness everything in your life will get better because you won’t be afraid to take action. Everyone from friends, family to potential lovers loves a bold, passionate person. It’s inspiring to see someone be so confident, out going and motivated.

how to overcome shyness

How To Overcome Shyness

What Is Shyness And Why It’s Hurting You

Let me start off by showing you exactly what shyness is before I try to help you learn how to overcome shyness.

shyness synonymns

Look at all these synonyms of Shyness…. Embarrassment, self consciousness, coyness, and look at that… Timid.

Do you know the definition of Timid? Well here it is

Timidity definition

No confidence and no courage. In reality shyness means WEAK. Most people say shyness like it’s normal or okay to be shy. It’s REALLY NOT okay to be shy. It is a super weak emotion that you can overcome. It is hurting your life and I want to start this whole thing out by letting you know that.

If you searched how to overcome shyness… you need to really learn answer quick.

There is no reason you can’t learn how to have more confidence in your life. You deserve everything that you are willing to work for and you gotta have courage to go out there and take what you deserve.

I don’t say this stuff to demean you or scare you, I say it because I really want you to understand how much of a problem it is and will always be for you until you learn how to overcome shyness.


There Is No Good Reason To Be Shy

You will notice that the more you fight the shyness the faster it goes away. You learn how to overcome the shyness by realizing there is no reason to be shy. What are you afraid of? You were probably shy around the friends you have now right when you met them, right? But what happened after you got to know them?

That’s right! You realized there was really no reason to be shy around them. This is how we treat most things in life. We tell ourselves in our head that something is scary when in reality it’s not scary at all. Why would you be shy?


Face The Fear And Shyness Head On

I’m sure you have heard people say to fight your fears head on. For instance, if you are afraid of heights, go to the top of a building and look down until you’re not scared anymore. Or if you’re afraid of spiders, hold a tarantula and realize how harmless most spiders really are.

If you think I’m just talking to be talking you don’t know me very well. I was scared sh**less of HUGE spiders (who isn’t!) but I thought it would be an amazing addition to a horror themed music video… so I went and bought me a spider and overcame my fear of it by owning it and holding it and then actually letting it crawl on me in my own music video.

I scripted, edited, location scouted and everything for this entire music video. I hope you like it.


Try New Things To Overcome Shyness

Like the last one except here you are going to try things completely out of the box that you have never even considered doing before. When you go out and do something you have never even thought about doing before it not only expands your mind and helps you learn new things but it shows you more about the world which will open your mind to seeing why being shy is actually hurting you.

The more I see of this world, the more I understand how things work, why things work, why things are in place, why people act in certain ways and things that I can’t even explain to you because you have to witness them yourself.

Get out there and take every opportunity you can to see new things, try new foods, experience other cultures on the other side of town, make friends with people outside of your normal circle, ANYTHING that is new to you.

Since I have started being more curious and open to stuff like this, I have become a whole new person. I mean completely different, stronger, smarter…. everything. Try new things and you will learn how to overcome shyness way faster.


The Secret Move

Before you go out next time, see yourself being courageous and confident. See yourself walking up to people and talking to them. See yourself shaking hands with people, keeping eye contact and smiling at them as they smile back and give you compliments about something you know you are going to wear tonight.

Visualizing it will make it seem more real and actually make it easier to overcome shyness when the time comes.

This isn’t just some random garbage idea either. Visualizing works for every single major athlete in the world to the worlds top musicians. Science proves that visualizing helps increase performance in anything. Your brain can’t tell the difference between the visualization and the real event if you visualize it with enough detail. Yea, it’s true. Go look it up!

Cool huh.

Psychologist Alan Richardson made an experiment. He took a group of basketball players, divided them in 3 groups and tested each player’s ability to make free throws.

  1. The first group would practice 20 minutes every day.
  2. The second would only visualize themselves making free throws, but no real practice was allowed.
  3. The third would not practice or visualize.

The results were amazing. There was incredible improvement in the group that only visualized the free throws; they were almost just as good as they players who actually practiced shooting the ball.


Tell Yourself You Are Confident 

Along with visualizing, let yourself know that you ARE confident and there is no shyness in you. Realistically, deep down, you are 100% confident and nothing can touch you. The only thing hurting you is your negative thoughts about yourself. Let’s get into that.

affirmations to overcome shyness


Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

It took me a bit of time to learn how to block, intercept and tackle negative thoughts ferociously.

I used to weigh myself down with negative thoughts everyday. They would spiral and I would become more and more depressed which is the complete antithesis of having confidence.

If you REALLY want to know how to build confidence, one of the first things you should do is get rid of negative thoughts.

A positive thought is 10 times stronger than a negative thought so anytime a negative thought comes into your head, hit it with a bright happy one.

It’s not where you live but the state that your mind’s in/ because if you look from the darkness, the darkness is shined in” – Rob Level – Puppeteer


Think Positive To Overcome The Shyness

You already know this! See the great in things. Think about the good stuff in anything you get yourself into.

See why YOU are amazing, see why your life and opportunities you have are amazing.

These things will make you smile and when you smile, you are happy.


You Won’t Be Shy If You Live In The Moment

the power of now to learn how to be happyDo you know why  you feel shy? It’s because someone else has made you feel lesser than you really are. Then you took their image of you and you applied it to what you believe about yourself.

You’re damaging yourself. Those thoughts effect every interaction you have with yourself and other people.

So how do you  overcome the shyness? Simple!!! STOP THINKING. JUST STOP.

We mess ourselves up by thinking about issues that don’t really even exist. Then we think about how we just thought about the problems and it makes it even worse.

This book changed my life and helped me understand why to live in the current moment because the past and future only exist in our heads.

You will be able to completely get rid of the things weighing you down after you read The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle


Remember You Are Rewiring Your Brain


After you learn how to overcome shyness you will be good forever! This is because it is hard wired into our brains after enough anti shyness practice.

So right when we want to re-use it again, it comes back to us faster. Similar to how it is if you build muscles. So if you can build up your confidence and overcome your shyness enough… It will cease to exist every time I want to get rid of it

Sooner you beat shyness the quicker your life will get better. I promise.

life style change

I want you to remember Law 28 and the massive power it has had for great men in history. Boldness is the opposite if shyness. So if you want to be great, Use Law 28 to your best ability.

This law is from The 48 Laws Of Power which is one of the books that changed my life forever. I recommend you get your hands on it. It will make you realize why your shyness will make you weaker and weaker overtime.


wrapping up

Anyone is capable of learning how to overcome shyness. You just have to take the effort and do it. Anytime in my life when I have just taken the effort, everything has worked better than I ever expected and I gain tons from it.

I hope this helped you learn how to overcome shyness and anxiety.

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Your Good Friend, Rob Level

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