How To Be Confident | 21 Tricks To Have More Confidence Than Anyone In The Room

How To Be Confident

I know It can be very hard to be confident sometimes. Trust me my friend, I have been there. There is no manual on how to be confident but I can guarantee you that everything I am going to show you on confidence today sure comes close. I’ll start with the smaller tips on how to be confident and move into the tips that will really change your life and confidence forever.


I want you to understand that you have already taken the first step in learning how to build your confidence simply by searching out ways to better yourself. I also want you understand that change takes not only learning things like I am going to show you but also the application of the thing into your life.


If you don’t take the time to apply the tips on how to be confident than they won’t stick in your mind and daily life. I have full faith that you will learn how to be confident if you just take a deep breath and believe in yourself. 🙂

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How To Be Confident

how to build confidence

How To Be Confident Quick Fixes 

Here is a list of things you can do to immediately increase your confidence before you go hang out with friends, family or a bar/club. These work! Some of them will seem quite obvious but some others are little tricks I have learned make me more confident instantly that took me years to come across.

In the next section we go over the long term ways to build your confidence so that you can really change yourself into an unstoppable, confident, force of nature.


You Deserve To Build Your Confidence

Think about everything in your life you have accomplished.

Anything, anything at all! Even look at something like how much smarter you are right now than you even were a year ago.

You are just getting better and better person with everyday that passes. I mean right now you are reading an article on how to build confidence. You are actively trying to become a better person. That is an amazing reason to be confident in yourself.

There is no reason to not have confidence, you just need to find it in yourself.

The confidence in in you, but you have to see it. I see it and I can’t even see you haha!

Everyone has a reason to build up their confidence. We are all great but you have to believe in ourselves before anyone else will believe in us.


It’s Hard To Be Confident If You’re A Scrub

Riddle me this if you want to know how to be more confident. How do you feel after you do any of the following:

Brush your teeth. Get a fresh shave, Get a new haircut, take a shower?

The answer to all of those is “Fresh as a hell!” This is how I feel after all of that.

happy dance


Your confidence is going to sky rocket if you simply keep yourself groomed. A great way to super build your confidence is to do all of those in the same day within 4 hours of going out.

The feeling you get from all of that feels so good the confidence will stick with you for the rest of the night.

Do that plus combine it with the next confidence building tip and you are good to go.


Shop And Wear For Instant Confidence

Ohhhh the feeling of some new clothes!

The first few times you wear a new shirt, pants or shoes you are just on top of the world! Well worth the $150 investment for all 3 of them.

If you want to know hot to build your confidence, go shopping the day that you have to go out.

Rob Level exuding confidenceThe combination of owning new items and also wearing them is an endorphin rush not matched by anything else but actual brain rewiring for permanent confidence building which we talk about in just a bit.

I went shopping and spent $50 on a new outfit for this photo shoot I had a few days ago.

After the photo shoot I walked all around LA feeling like super man. It works! Try it.

TIP: The cheapest way to feel more confident all day everyday is to go spend $30 on a bunch of packs of new sox. You will feel fresh every time you put them on and you’ll also finally have a ton of socks that all match haha.

I actually buy new sox at the beginning of every month. Not only to feel fresh but because I deserve it.

I grew up poor, but I made it! No more holy socks for Rob. lol

That’s how to be confident TODAY!


Adjust Your Physiology and Body Language

If you simply stand up straight and put your chin straight forward your brains chemistry actually changes and makes you feel more confident. I’m not making this up lol

On top of that, other people also see you as confident.

This is how the human brain works. It adjusts us and because we know subconsciously that that posture is exuding confidence, we see it as confidence in others when we witness it.

Your brain will react to anything your body does. If you frown for 10 seconds you will actually feel sad but if you smile for ten seconds you will actually feel happy. Try it. It’s science bro. It’s science.


Build Confidence By Being A Know It All

I didn’t always know how to be confident but I did love being a know it all.

How great do you feel when you get into a conversation with someone about something you know A LOT about.

For example, let’s say you like Star Wars… If you know every character and every movie, when you get into conversation you are confident that you can add insight to a conversation.

Why do you think you always catch guys DEEP in conversation about sports? They all feel like they know enough so they are loud and confident when talking about the sports!

If you educate yourself on whatever the topic will be wherever you are going then you will instantly feel more confident in talking to people.

If it’s a networking event for a charity for a cleaner water supply in a foreign country, then educate yourself on the country, its people, why the charity is needed, what the charity does, how much it raises, who runs it and more.

If it’s not an event like that, then a great way to instantly boost confidence is just to stay up on the current news or celeb gossip so you can bring current relevant information to the conversation anywhere you go.

Sign up to an E-mail newsletter that sends daily quick reads on whats going on in the world today or just hit TMZ for the most recent celeb info.

You can shift conversations, carry conversations and look smarter and more confidence simply by being informed.


Affirmations And Confidence Practice

This may sound a bit coo coo for cocoa puffs but this works for building confidence okay! So just try it.

Stand in the mirror and… yea… I said stand in the mirror lol

And look at yourself and smile and say hello. Then say things about yourself that you believe and know are true.

Things such as “I have a great personality” or “I have great hair” or “I love this new shirt I bought! I look great.” or “I know how to be confident!”

I mean, you really do know how you just have to access it!

Don’t lie to yourself but see a reason to be confident before you go out.


Drop And Give You 20

This is 1 way I learned how to be confident in 60 seconds flat.

Anytime before I go outside I simply do 20 push ups! Why?

Well, for one you get your endorphins rushing. It makes you happier just from that.

Additionally, I feel pumped, more alive and more muscular. Similar to how I feel after an hour long work out.

I put my $10 push up bars right in front of the door to remind me to do them every time.


Call A Friend Right Before You Go Out

Now this… this is a really cool trick I learned on how to be confident before any event or hang out.

When you go out in public without friends, whether to meet a person of the opposite sex or just be out networking, don’t you feel a bit awkward at first when you try to start speaking out loud wherever you are?

call a friendBut how confident and comfortable do you feel when you are talking to a good friend of yours or someone you love?

You feel smooth and like you can be yourself right?

Of course you do!

Well if you are about to go out for the night simply give a good friend of yours a call and talk to them for 2 minutes on the phone.


Simple my friend. You instantly are already warmed up and ready to talk to people. It gets your mind and body into conversation mode and 10 minutes later when you are out in the club or wherever, you are more confident and ready to chit chat.

THIS WORKS! TRUST ME! Call a friend and instantly boost your confidence levels.


Assume Rapport To Build Confidence

This means approach every single person like you have been friends with them for 10 years.

When I started doing this, I started making WAYYYY more friends.

I talk to everyone like we have been friends for 10 years. Even the baristas at Starbucks!

People always wonder how I am so incredibly nice to everyone, confident and capable of smiling and waving at the most random people on the street. This is how!

I practiced it so much that now I can walk up to a bum on the street and have a full conversation like we have known each other for years.

Your entire demeanor, voice tone, posture and everything changes when you teach your mind to believe everyone is your friend already.

The conversation you have with your friend on the phone before you go out now has double the power when combined with this trick to build confidence.


Organize Your Mind To Be More Confident

You’re not going to be able to apply tips on how to be confident to the max benefit unless you can de-clutter.

I don’t know about you but when my mind is cluttered I can’t do anything right.

When you feel overwhelmed it’s harder to be confident. If you want to have more confidence before going out or doing something, make sure that your life is organized. Make sure that you can be as carefree as you possibly can when you go out.

Get a ton of stuff done earlier in the day so that you feel more accomplished.

This way you don’t feel like you need to go home and get anything else finished or spend time working. You will actually feel like you deserve to be out.


Vitamins And Supplements For Confidence

Have you ever wished there was a pill that would show you how to be confident?

Chances are that if you lack confidence it has to do with some form of social anxiety.

In order to combat that I have an entire list that will help you fight the social anxiety as well as learn how to build confidence. I also mention natural supplements you can take (that I take some of) to help beat any anxiety you might have.

In the article I go over everything from WHY you may feel anxious to how you can overcome anxiety.

Open it in a new window and read it next. It will definitely add more to your quest on confidence.


how to build confidence

How To Be Confident Permanent Changes

If you can take my advice on how to be confident in this section, you will be able to make life long changes in your confidence and become a whole new person.

I went from being bullied and beat up to an unstoppable confidence monster and I am only getting greater!


You Will Be Confident If You Live In The Moment

the power of now to learn how to be happyDo you know why you don’t feel confident? It’s because someone else has made you feel lesser than you are and then you took what they said time after time and you applied it to what you believe about yourself.

Those thoughts float around in your head and effect every interaction you have with yourself and other people. It destroys your confidence.

So how do you stop it from breaking your confidence? Simple!!! STOP THINKING. JUST STOP.

We mess ourselves up by thinking about issues that don’t really even exist. Then we think about how we just thought about the problems and it makes it even worse.

This book changed my life and helped me understand why to live in the current moment because the past and future only exist in our heads.

You will be able to completely get rid of the things weighing you down after you read The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle


Learn How To Talk With Confidence

Aside from learning body language there is also your speech pattern. It is extremely powerful and will make people see you as much more charismatic and like-able.

Talking slower actually makes you seem more intelligent, confident and in control. Look at how any president talks 😉 They are trained politicians who have ultimate confidence.

You can learn things like pauses, intonation, when to use a deeper voice and more. Look into it!


Think Positive

You already know this! See the great in things. Think about the good stuff in anything you get yourself into.

See why YOU are amazing, see why your life and opportunities you have are amazing.

These things will make you smile and when you smile, you are happy.


Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

It took me a bit of time to learn how to block, intercept and tackle negative thoughts ferociously.

I used to weigh myself down with negative thoughts everyday. They would spiral and I would become more and more depressed which is the complete antithesis of having confidence.

If you REALLY want to know how to build confidence, one of the first things you should do is get rid of negative thoughts.

A positive thought is 10 times stronger than a negative thought so anytime a negative thought comes into your head, hit it with a bright happy one.

It’s not where you live but the state that your mind’s in/ because if you look from the darkness, the darkness is shined in” – Rob Level – Puppeteer


Be Nice To People

I always feel more amazing when I am nice to people because I see the happy side of myself in others and in turn, I feel more confident.

Give people compliments on the street, watch them say thank you and take that good karma with you for the rest of the day 🙂


Show Gratitude

You may not feel like you have much but that’s the way the people in power want you to think. They want you to feel like you don’t have nice things and that you can’t be happy without the nice things.

The existence of materialism is unfortunate but you shouldn’t let it affect you.

You have things that A LOT of people don’t. Are you healthy right now? Honestly that is more important than anything. You can’t work for anything you want if you aren’t healthy.

Do you have water and food? Do you have a place to live? You are on the internet right now, so you definitely have a phone or computer with internet service.

At the end of the day, the things that make you feel less confident than others because you don’t own them, is all in your head.

Be thankful for what you DO have and watch everything else come into your life way faster.


Exercise And Change Your Body To Be More Confident

When you change your mind you become more confident.

When you change your body and become more healthy, it changes your mind too and you become TWICE as confident.

Especially in a world ruled by looks.

If you start taking the effort to exercise, it will completely CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

Plus eating healthier makes your mind work faster and sharper. You won’t be tired all the time because the foods you are putting in your body are actually giving you energy instead of digesting and taking your energy AND confidence.

I want you to look at the photo below. The guy is clearly just an average guy with very basic genetics.

Look how SAD he looks in that picture on the left!!! On the right you can clearly see how confidence and proud he is in himself. And this is in just 90 days!

body transformation confidence

Anyone can do it! ANYONE!!!!! Just join a gym for $30 a month, watch some YouTube videos on how to work out and eat and get in the gym.

It’s just 1 hour a day! That’s only 4% of your day! This is how to build confidence fast.


Set Big Goals Into Small Chunks

You’re more confident at approaching something if you know it’s small and easy, right?

I keep myself confident all through out the day by keeping to do lists and actually getting things done.

Whenever I accomplish a task, I write it down and I cross it off my to do list.

Every time I do those 2 things I feel more confident because I am closer to my big goals.

Every little bit adds up!

If you lack confidence or don’t believe enough in yourself to aim for something big, simply break it up into small pieces that are way easier to accomplish.


Change A Bad Habits Until You’re Confident

If you teach yourself how to kick one bad habit, you will feel incredibly confident. It will make you feel like you are in control of your life.

You can’t make a BUNCH of changes all at once. We just don’t work that way. So choose 1 and start changing it then move to the next one and the next one and eventually you will be a super good habit super human with ultimate confidence.

It’s easy to choose 1 thing to change about yourself a week. Start with keeping better posture and keeping your chin up.

Anytime you see yourself slouching, adjust it! After 2 weeks that will become normal, then move to the next habit to change.


Use Books To Change Your Mindset On Confidence

Here is a list of self confidence books that I have read that have taught me how to be confident in more ways than just confidence alone.


wrapping up

Anyone is capable of learning how to be confident.

Take it all a day at a time and grow yourself to be a better person.

Wake up as early as you can everyday, be happystay focused on the things you truly want and don’t procrastinate.

No one is going to slow you down… except you.

Believe in yourself or no one else will!


Your Friend, Rob Level

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