Most Artists Have NO IDEA It’s Happening NOW!

Most Artists Have NO IDEA It’s Happening NOW!

Most Artists Have NO IDEA It’s Happening NOW! Transcript

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What’s up Smart Rapper gang? I want to thank you first for watching this video. I’m Rob Level, lets right into it. I want you to understand something. Do you realize how many artists there are out there like. Not exactly like you. Nobody. Nobody’s just like you.

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Artists who do what you want to do. Artists who. Who want the fame, the success, the love from people. People that listen to music for them, the understand them and feel the heart that’s been put into the music. And we people are. There’s a lot of artists out there that produce insane amounts of songs and release them.

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We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of artists are doing this okay. I think was 20 or 40,000 tracks are uploaded to Spotify. I mean, that’s that that’s mind boggling. And all these artists are out there doing what you do. And put that music in front of people, try to get people’s time, try to get people to pay attention to their music.

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So many artists out there. Right? And I say this to put a fire under you, you understand? I don’t like necessarily being in a competitive mindset. It’s not always the way to be, but if you want to win, if you want to be where you truly believe you should be and can be and you’re capable be. There’s a fire that comes with having a competitive mindset.

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If you want to win, I want you to look at how the game works and I want you to start thinking competitively and realize when you’re not working, there’s somebody else out the work going hard. You have to work like somebody is trying to take it all away from you like they’re stopping you, like they’re fighting against you to take the success from you.

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And in a way, they kind of are right, you know, because as you know, with $100 computer, a $50 USB microphone and the videos that I have on the Smart Rapper Channel, you have everything you need to create a brand. We’re talking about $100, $50 in free videos. And then if you have the masterclass is even more information right? You gotta understand that when COVID happened a while back right a long time now but there were people at home watching these videos.

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My views on this channel soared. My subscribers soared. And that’s because all these people started developing stories. They said, I want to be an artist. What do I mean? Home? They were honing the music skills, recording thousands and thousands of songs. And now they don’t only have the music, but because of these videos just like you have, they have the knowledge about how to go about promoting it, pushing more and more, you know, messaging more, pushing DMS, pushing content into the feed, taking up algorithmic spots that could be your spot.

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Oh God. Really quick get you can hit the subscribe button for me. I’ve really appreciated growing this channel allows me to help more artists like you and me so that we can keep getting further faster together. That’s it, Let’s get back to the video. So listen, it’s going to get harder and harder and harder to make it because of the oversaturation.

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Because of the oversaturation of music that’s releasing and the difficulty of getting people’s attention to become a fan of you with your friends. Because even after they hear your music, they then have to be shown your other music and be pushed to your story. To go from a fan of your music to a fan of you, to a fan of your brand overall, and then eventually to hardcore fans.

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And as I’ve spoken about in other videos, there is a chain of events that has to happen for fans to become super fan because there are so many options out there for new music. If you don’t establish a relationship, trust your emotional connection with the fans before they move on to the next artist. You probably won’t have that ability again, right?

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You’ve got that time in their life. Make the most of it. The music better be good. So you need to consistently release music and have a strategy to make them connect with you. What is your strategy? It’s more than music. It’s a relationship, it’s marketing. Are you guys in you girls out there? Ladies and gentlemen, you love my videos.

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You watch these videos, you trust me. That’s why you watch. And then millions of other artists, right? I think 175,000 views on average on this channel organically for so many hours watching, you know, and you watch and they watch. And the reason you watch is that, you know, I care. And because I care, you care. That’s the relationship me and you have. It’s the relationship you need to have to capture that person.

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You have to make them love the music and then loved you as much and as soon as they possibly can. Okay. Yeah. It’s not similar to when a baby comes out of a mother. You’re supposed to immediately do skin to skin contact with the baby so that it immediately connects with the mother. Right. And it sounds weird, but, you know, that’s the type of connection you want to have with your fans as soon as possible, Right?

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You get what I’m saying, right. They’re going to need that connection as soon as possible. As soon as they hear the music. It’s important to this point, right this way. They don’t get distracted by other artists music that’s coming at them so rapidly. You get it and you take it right. And this way, even if you do get distracted, they have a relationship with you and your music will come back and keep listening, not get distracted by somebody else.

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Think about it. With that being said, you need to realize that you also have to make sure that your music is consistently releasing and is consistently quality. So when people come back, they stay attached and build a stronger and stronger relationship with you. And so they’re not only trusting fans who like you, but hardcore fans who would love you. Once they converted to hardcore fan, You have them hooked and you want as many of these fans as possible.

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So that’s the chain. Okay, get in there immediately. Take their attention and don’t let them out of your grasp until they become a fan. Problem is that even if you have the music releasing, you have tons of fans from every social media platform like Instagram and Spotify. You can’t even reach your own fans. So you need consistent releases and then a way to release them.

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That’s what you need to build your email list and your text list, right? And you can, if you’ve heard about these of the jillion times you started, I could teach you how to do that. Now, for watching all the way to the end of this video, I’m going to give you a free masterclass on how to set up your email list to start collecting these people.

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I’m going to give it to you for free. Okay. Because you need at least have this set up. Once you set up, you set it and forget it is done. Is there. It’s operational. Okay. Because these are collecting these people. If you want to really be able to consistently retarget them and get them to come back and listen to the new music.

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Okay, Free stuff for you. I’m Rob level. This is Smart Rapper. Hit me with a like, hit me with a subscribe. Appreciate you watching. See again new videos every week in the channel. You already know the deal so I’ll see you real soon. All right. Keep hustling and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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