Something No One Ever Realizes About Music Marketing

Something No One Ever Realizes About Music Marketing

Something No One Ever Realizes About Music Marketing Transcript

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What up gang? in this video. I’m going to tell you something that people don’t seem to really understand this now. Understand why they don’t understand this, but it’s vital. It’s integral that you know, this stuff for your music career. If you want to get your music heard. A lot of artists don’t understand this. I get asked this stuff in my live calls in the Music Industry Shortcut on the first week. Every single time somebody in the Music Industry Shortcut, I’m like, Call me on the Fridays, I’m telling you. So they get in there, they’re like, Rob, how do I market this song? Hey, Ron, how do I market a song, man? I got all these damn songs, man.

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I’ll be listening, man. But I know that I’m amazing, man. Can you tell me how to market this song? Man? I’m explain to you the same thing that I explain all these people in the Music Industry Shortcut, soon as they get in here so that you have a thorough understanding of exactly what you need to know about marketing your music. And this isn’t just some random marketing video. This is a video you need to see. Do you know? All right, let’s go in and get into it. What a label’s going to do for every artist, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t do the same thing, is that you make a full out entire marketing strategy. Basically, it’s a business plan.

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You are a business. Every business would do this. What is your strategy? What is every single move that you’re going to use to get yourself heard? And on top of that, what are all of your current resources and how can we utilize them? You know, you know, this means people, this means money. This means money that you can attain.

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This means money that you can go get. If you have to get another job, you’re doing fliers. There’s there’s so many different mediums of marketing and every medium has its own advantage and disadvantage. Okay, Now that’s a whole other thing. I’m going to go crazy even to that. But if you are attempting to start marketing your music and you don’t have a full out plan of where you want to be or goals of how many fans you want to be gaining a day, even just five fans at the end of the month, you have 1 hundred 50 fans.

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How many fans got right now? Right. And then in obviously the gross from that, you want to gain ten fans a day. How many people reaching out to how many ads are you running? What are you doing to do that? What are you doing around town where all of this stuff adds up? The more you do, the more you grow.

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But you need a plan, and every song is going to have its own individual plan. Rob How do I market? I get that question every time somebody in the first week on a live called me inside of the Music Industry Shortcut, they go, Rob, how do I get my music heard? I’m like, It is such an intricate, detailed thing that you have to break down.

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There’s so many variables because every song is different and every brand is different. Everybody’s resources are different. Okay? So you need to take those things. You need to make a plan out of that, right? So now you know that. So you need to take that into account. You need to build out your stuff. You need to do everything I told you to do in this video.

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Every song is different, my friend, right? Every word is different. That’s why it’s not worth day. Hi, I’m Agatha Levy, and today’s word is tentative, meaning not yet finalized. All right. I hope that word was when you never heard before. At least one that you didn’t know about. And you can now use it in your music. You get a little bit smarter.

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You got to learn to market it, my friend. No point making music if no one’s ever going to hear it. And you want to get heard. If you want to know hundreds of marketing strategies like these. I have entire marketing masterclass bundles that are ridiculous and I’m going to do a bunch of these for free with tons of free tips. Don’t put that in the description below. Free downloads. Tell me where to send them. Boom, they’re yours. And then after you tell me where to send them, it’s going to kick you to a page that I spent a ton of money making sure that it’s fast and loads like this for you so that it doesn’t waste any of your time.

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And I understand that. Okay, So go ahead. Get those free cheat sheets below. You’re going to learn a lot just from those free items. You know, just provide as much value as I can to you. You click those links in the description or on the top comment. I’m Rob level. This is Smart Rapper and we grow so fast man, it was just yesterday we only had 300,000, no anyway keep hustling gang click the links in the description. Ether way get your free stuff. I got your back. Keep hustling you. I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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