The 5 Types Of Music Retargeting The Major Labels Use

The 5 Types Of Music Retargeting The Major Labels Use

The 5 Types Of Music Retargeting The Major Labels Use Transcript

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Whats up gang? In this video I am going to talk about the five types of retargeting that labels use. Everybody uses these if they know what they’re doing because they’re essential, They actually gain you the most. Fans the fastest, make you the most money, give you the most streams, get you the most, views the fastest. Every time you release a song or concept and a lot of artists are not utilizing these, some of these might look familiar to you, but it’s because you’ve heard about them, because they’re important. And I got to go over them really quick to make everything easy for you so that you know what they are. And so you need to start implementing them to have. I’m Rob Level. This is Smart Rapper and there’s a reason why we’re number one. So guess what? You’re about to get a lot smarter. Let’s do it.

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Okay. First you heard before email list. Now why do you need to email list? Here is a single reason for anything. If you have 10,000 people in an email list, 10,000 fans that don’t sound like a crazy number. You can get 10,000 people here in the next next year. Think you’re like, Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for being a fan.

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I’m actually going to release my first T-shirt bundles. Okay, Listen, listen, listen. T shirt bundles. Two t shirts, and a hat. Maybe some bracelets on them. Whatever you decide to make, you know, I’m going to sell those for $50, $50 for two t shirts and a hat. Okay. That’s nice. Not a bad deal. But if I’m a fan of somebody I want to support, you send an email to the 10,000 people on your email list. Okay. 10,000 people have one out of every ten people that are fans want to support you one out of every ten already an email list or text list. But how many sales is that? One of every ten plus 1000 sales. How much does it cost? I say it cost $50. How much is that? 50,000. Was it? That is $50,000 Because you sent one email. You get me? That’s why you need an email list. One out of every ten of your fans. $50,000 in one email, one Damn. I’m like appalled people don’t already do this.

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Number two, text list. My data shows that people are actually more willing to give their phone number nowadays than their email, which is interesting to me. So that means that you could build those 10,000 people onto a text list, easier and you could an email list so they have it with you, text, you text it instead of email. So one, one button press launch sends it out. What happens? You can make $50,000 if you have 10,000 people got down, you actually probably make more because the open rate is substantially higher. If I may potentially really make $50,000 if you have the text was built like that. Seriously, this is not a joke. Okay.

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Now number three, let’s talk about another form of retargeting that’s essential. Okay. Audiences now YouTube, YouTube ads and stuff like that, when they collect, people may collect the data of all the people who visit your videos. You can also, if it’s created into a bucket, that’s called an audience. Okay, so every one of your music videos that you have right now, how many views that you have this say you have a total of 50,000 views across all your songs.

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If that was 50,000 different people, they could all be in one bucket right here. They will be in one bucket and they’re saved for you for up to 540 days. Okay. Every time you release a music video or video, any video release in less than 60 seconds, you can actually create one of these buckets for an audience. It’s really that simple.

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Now what happens? They sit in there. So if you get 10,000 people to your music video, the next one you release, those 10,000 people are inside this list. So guess what? What next? When you release a song, you market to that list, you click it, then you run ads to it. And now what happens? Those 10,000 people who have already heard your music can now be retargeted to your next music video, right?

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And then guess what? You have a bucket audience built for that too, right? And that audience is going to fill. So now you have 20,000 people. This is how you build a fanbase. It keeps going. You’re building up those audiences. These people very heard you. There’s more to it, but you get the gist, right?

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Your Oh God, really quick. If you hit the scribe button for me, I really appreciate it. Growing this channel allows me to help more artists like you and me so that we can keep getting further, faster together. That’s it. Let’s get back to the video.

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Next number four, music marking my friend. Pixel. A pixel is basically Facebook’s version of audiences with pixels. You can track anything. Anybody who ever hits a page, a landing page, if they hit your email list, sign up page, a text list, you can implement, you can install the pixel super easy into any of these pages. And when you do that, it builds a bucket. It puts these people into this bucket that you can retarget. So let’s say that you had 10,000 people, right? Hit those landing pages, hitting those pages and they were pixeled. Now there’s 10,000 people in this bucket. So if you had 10,000 people in this bucket, you of those people in this bucket and you released a new song that gives you the potential to get 20,000 new people to your song that you just released.

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The next time it’d be 30,000. 40,000, 50,000. Do you get me? This is why retargeting is so essential actually how to set up all this stuff. I’ve mastered YouTube ads frickin like crazy. I show you how to set up Facebook Ads stuff. Anyway.

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Anyway. Now number five is actually gaining followers on all social media and I put call to action here because it’s the most important thing to understand is if you ask people to follow, they’ll potentially follow you. Right. And that’s because if you don’t think to ask them, they may not do it. You give an example. Can you do me a favor right now and hit subscribe. Now, before I just said that, were you thinking about subscribing to me? That’s why it works, man. Did you subscribe? CTA means call to action. So on your bios and your descriptions everywhere I put, click here, put click the link, put click to follow me, put click to go to my new music video. Click subscribe. Those are calls to action. You have to have those. Okay.

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These are foundational ways to actually gather audiences that you could retarget because if you have followers, that’s organic reach every time you do that, right, every time you put a song out. Piece of content, that’s his form of re-targeting, having followers, the pixel, the bucket, they’re the audience is the bucket there. The text list is going be a bucket of people there. All those people in my list. I mean, if you had 10,000 people on each one of these, just say 50,000 and you only had 10,000 followers. Right. Which I’m sure someone mean here, but just for example, for 50,000 people, I’ve had to drop a song, 50,000 people can go to hear your music.

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Think about that. That’s why this is important. Right? And there’s just some ideas, like if there’s low end stuff like what I can teach you, but I actually have a music marketing masterclass bundles so much stuff, teach PR teaches you everything. You should at least check that out, anyway for free though. You should go get this and set this up.

05:32:01 – 05:47:01 And then once you go over there, that’s 100% free for you. If you want, check out the bundle after you get the emails. Masterclass for free, it’ll send you over to the page where you can see all my marketing bundle stuff. Okay, so All right.

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I’m Rob Level. Hope this video helps you out. Hope it has nurtured our relationship. in let you know that I really can show you and help you I’m a music artist just like you and I’m doing this stuff okay. I just had this music video hit 12 million views. Okay so I have one with 5 million, every music video that gets released gets a million. Not bragging to think I’m doing this just like you. I’m on the move. I want you to be too. Okay? I got my Spotify plaques. Hung up. You walk in my house. Do you feel it is amazing? Keep on hustling gang and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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