What Are The Rules Of Using FREE Rap Beats For Your Mixtape?

What Are The Rules Of FREE Rap Beats? 

The terms of what you ‘can do’ with a beat labeled as ‘FREE’ really depends on what the beat maker said was allowed.

I’ll explain the default rules of using a beat you got for ‘FREE’ .


What does FREE BEAT mean

What Does FREE BEAT Mean?

The term ‘FREE BEAT’ depends on what the beat maker determined and clarifies it means.

You can find that information at the top or bottom of the page or by clicking to the beats individual page on a site like Sound Click.

Below is a picture of a lenient beat maker who is basically letting people use his beats for whatever.

leanant beat maker

He is one of those beat makers who hopes you use his beats because they are free and that one of your songs will pop off, he will get credit for it and then be able to monetize it.

Pay attention to the ‘YOU MAY NOT’ section as well as beat makers usually include those when they mention free beats.


The basic rules

What FREE BEAT Generally Means

My idea for this article came from a fan who asked me the question below.

This is generally the rules when we are talking about a ‘FREE BEAT’.


free rap beats 2


free download beat

Free Download Doesn’t Mean FREE Beat

Unless otherwise stated.

I also recommend that beat makers offer their beats for a free download so that people don’t leave their pages without having their hands on the beat.

People don’t just MAKE SONGS all the time, sometimes they sit on a beat for months or even years before they end up using or making the song.

Yes, this is completely normal to sit on a song for this long.


If you get a YouTube Content ID claim that says you can’t use your beat check out my article on how to beat the YouTube Content ID System.


different beat types

Different Types Of Beat Ownership

Also if you want to know the differences between all the kinds of beat leases and actually having ownership you can check this out

What Are Beat Leases? The Different Types And Why You Need Them

wrapping up

The best bet if you really want to know what you’re allowed to do with a beat is to read that beat makers page thoroughly.

If you purchase a basic beat lease sometimes it will come with a lease agreement with the beat file.

Some beat makers don’t even bother sending a beat contract unless you buy a premium or exclusive rights.

Make sure that if you ever get the exclusive rights that you get the paperwork saying so. You don’t want problems down the road.

Rob Level

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