How To Be Cool | 14 Eye-Opening Ways To Be The Coolest Person In Your Friend Group

How To Be Cool

It is human nature to want to know how to be cool. You want people to like you, love you, want you around, respect you and look up to you.

You see other people and say “I want to be like him/her!”

We all want to fit in and be that person. If you say that you don’t, there is a piece of your brain missing that every human is supposed to have lol.

We thrive and grow in groups and it’s hard to be part of a group unless you know how to be cool to some degree.

how to be cool

Even groups who consider themselves the ‘uncool’ still look up to each other and see each other as cool inside their own group. It’s just perspective.

If you want to be that cool person I am going to help you learn how to do that today!

how to be cool

When You’re Smart It’s Cool

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and suddenly out of no where they know a bunch of information on a topic you never thought they would know anything about? Staying up to date on current trends and topics makes you look really cool.

What I do is sign up for newsletters to all industries I want to keep up to date on. For example, here is a daily snap shot of the music industry news I get everyday straight to my e-mail.

being cool

It gives me the information in a nutshell and if I want to know anymore information I can just click to the article.

I also do this for social media marketing, politics and other stuff. You can too!


Learn How To Talk. Be Cool Man.

Learn how to speak in a cool manner. Tone raises and falls actually change how people perceive you. They can see you as an equal, a superior or someone under them on the social scale.

Most people don’t know about this but anyone who studies human behavior (like me) does.


Learn The Lingo To Be Cooler

Don’t be outdated and use terms that are out of date. That’s ‘lame’ lol not ‘lit’.

Just like the news, keeping up to date on what is the relevant lingo and way others talk in cool circles will help you seem cooler in conversation.

There are ways to say hi, say what you think is cool, agree with people, say when something sucks and say bye. Words for these things change all the time.

Stay current and you will be seen as cooler in conversation.

Check out this cool chart on slang really quick.


Don’t Try So Hard To Be Cool

The coolest people know that when you look like you’re trying it comes off as fake and the complete opposite of cool.

When everything you do makes you look laid back, chill, smooth and like everything you do is so natural it’s effortless, you look like the coolest person in the room.

You can’t get overly excited about things, be too loud, draw unnecessary attention or react to things in a manner that makes it look like you aren’t already used to having everything in life like that.

I especially learned this in business conversations and while working with big music artist. Anytime I went into a record label I would be SUPER EXCITED for the label meeting and my people with me would leave the meeting and tell me you need to STOP acting all excited. They’ll know that you aren’t used to this and they will take advantage of you.

Instead, go in there and act like it’s a normal thing for you to go to label meetings. Same thing with famous artists. If you treat them like your equals they feel like you hang out with other big celebs all the time and they are just another person to you. Because..  after all they are just another person, right?

But if you act all giddy like OMG!  They are like “Get this guy out of here!”

Be cool man

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*** was a great book I just finished reading. You would really like it!


Relax And Be Yourself

The fastest way to learn how to be cool is to just be you as best as you can.


Well… because you are the most comfortable, calm and cool when you are just being yourself. It is the easiest thing for you to be. You don’t have to try to fit in with other people or be something that you are not and that comes off as ‘not trying hard’.

I know right now you want to know how to be cool and it may seem hypocritical to offer tips on changing while saying stay the same but what I am doing here is helping you understand how to be cool so you can add little things into being you.

Implementing these things and knowing how to be cool will help it all come more naturally.

Don’t worry about what other people want you to be. Grow yourself gradually and shine as the best you that you can be.


Don’t Show Off, It’s Not Cool

This goes back into the last two, you don’t need to show off to be seen as cool.

Don’t talk about yourself or your accomplishments unless you are asked or it is in the context of what is being spoken about at that moment.

If you withhold your skills and special talents for times down later they will be even more impressive to people.

For instance you would never think I can do a back flip with no hands. After I know people for a while and we finally hit the beach they get to see me do a back flip and they are impressed because it is completely out of the blue and they never expect it from me.

Same goes for anyone in a group of people who don’t know anything about me and just think I’m a nice guy. Three hours later when we are all sitting around hanging out if a friend of theirs says something about me and then that person realizes I am a famous artist, they are even more impressed than me introducing myself and saying all that stuff.

Let people get to know you first and then display your talents one by one over time to keep them guessing and keep them waiting for more from you. It works.


Be Nice To Everyone

Never be negative or rude to people. When you do things like that to other people in the presence of anyone, people associate that behavior with you. It’s just how it works.

So since people associate you with the behavior and ways you speak, wouldn’t you want to be happy and positive minded? People love happy people who are always seeing the good side of things.

Be that person and you will not only be cool, but you will be loved by everyone you meet in life.


Treat Everybody As Equals

This is a given but some people who want to know how to be cool may want to learn how to be cool so they can feel superior to other people.

The truth is that you are going to be so much cooler to people if you are down to earth, humble, happy and treat them like they are the coolest person in the room.

I know this is hard for a lot of people but this is something I have to stress if you want to know how to be cool.


Confidence Is Key To Being Cool

To be cool, you can’t show any DOUBTS. This goes back to the not trying so hard part above.

If you’re cool, why would you doubt yourself? And to be honest, there is no reason to doubt yourself.

Don’t get into your own head and worry about things that don’t really exist.

I have an entire article for that on you right here that is filled with tips on how to be cool and confident!

How To Be Confident | 21 Tricks To Have More Confidence Than Anyone In The Room


Don’t Seek Approval From Other People

If already know how to be cool you would never have to ask someone to reassure you of something.

Again, it shows doubt and lack of confidence. Don’t ask someone anything that seems like you need their opinion to make you believe in it or like it.

Don’t ask “Do you like my outfit?” or “Wasn’t that game last night crazy?!”

Instead say “That game last night WAS crazy!” Don’t question it, state it! Because you are confident and firmly believe in what you are saying.


Have Good Hygiene And Health To Look Cool

You know what isn’t cool? Having yellow teeth, greasy hair and smelling like a rhino’s butt hole.

People want to hang out around people who are healthy. It’s just human nature.

What do you do when someone sneezes, coughs or looks sick…. you avoid them. Your brain tells you “Get away from this person immediately” lol.

If you don’t look healthy, people are not going to want to be around you. So eat better and take care of your teeth, hair, skin and body overall.


How To Look Cool Fast… Learn Fashion

Just because I am saying you can learn how to be cool by learning fashion doesn’t mean you don’t have to completely change what you wear and who you are.

You can learn fashion and just upgrade your current clothing style you already have.

When you learn what works and what doesn’t it will help you make better decisions in choosing the future clothes you buy and eventually your entire closet will change over.

If I showed you before and after pictures of how I used to dress compared to me now with clothing style… you wouldn’t even think I’m the same person.


Learn How To Accessorize

When you learn more about fashion you’ll immediately realize how tiny things like bracelets, rings and necklaces massively increase your ‘cool’ level.

When you look like you know how to accessorize it truly is cool.

When people show ‘effort’ (but not trying too hard)  towards anything it registers in other people’s brains as commendable.


I ran into Vic Mensa last night after breaking up a fight and he called me cool and a peace maker.

Notice his rings and bandanna that make his fashion style pop out a lot more.

vic Mensa and rob level



Does A Car Make You Look Cool?

Here is the issue with purchasing a car to ‘look cool’. You only look cool when you’re in the car.

When you are out and about walking around, no one thinks about the car you drive or what you showed up in.

They only know what they see in front of them. You can’t bring your car inside the club and when you leave there might be 4 people total that aren’t inside their own heads that actually pay attention and see you get into your car.

Who cares.

The reason clothes make you look cool more than a car is because it takes effort to educate yourself in fashion.

To go out, learn, try looks and see what works best on you actually takes a lot of effort.

When I see someone who is doing fashion right I am like “Damn, good for them!” and sometimes I even want to step up my own fashion because of them.

Compare that to someone who just goes out and says “I want that car… in black!” Anyone with money can do that lol



wrapping up

I hope this helped you learn a bit more about how to be cool.

Every little things adds up in the scheme of things. You are trying to rewire your brain right now until everything you learn becomes completely natural and you are cool with no effort.

If it helps any, I think people who educate themselves and want to grow as a person is cool. Therefore, I think you’re cool.

I wish you the best and continued success.


Don’t forget to check out that how to cool and confident article.


Rob Level

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