What Is My Personal Record For Amount Of Choruses I Wrote In 1 Day? The Answer WILL Shock You

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What is my personal record for amount of choruses I wrote in 1 day?


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You may not believe it… well, you would if you saw how incredibly easy it is to make choruses if you got my Chorus Writing Course but my record for creating choruses in a single 8 hour period of time was 80 choruses in 1 day.

Yes… 80 choruses.

That is not an exaggeration or an overestimation, it was literally 80 song choruses ON THE DOT.


You are probably thinking 1 of the following: 

1) No fucking way!

2) That is impossible!

3) You don’t gotta lie to be cool man

4) OMG!

5) Who the fuck is this guy?

But… if you only understood how incredibly fast I can write choruses because I have major music industry experience and have sat in rooms with HUGE songwriters and learned everything they do and applied it to my songwriting methods.

For anyone who has gotten my How To Write Songs Course, you already know I am not bullshitting.

In the course alone I create around 15 songs in 2 hours WHILE explaining everything to the camera. lol and that’s while distracted because I was teaching you how to do what industry professionals do.

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Imagine me writing choruses for 8 hours straight with no distraction. Honestly… Today, the day I am writing this article, I wrote 10+ song choruses in about an hour and a half.

I have creating choruses down to a science as you’d know if you copped the course.

Hold on though, understand that I am talking about WRITING CHORUSES not recording them.

I write the songs and then go back and pick through the ones I like the most and then I complete those. That is how professionals do it.

If you want a bit more understanding on that method of massive creation in order to find the best songs you can check the Smart Rapper article on how many songs a major artist usually writes for each project they release.

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