The Best USB Microphones For Rap Vocals

The best USB microphones for rapping
Best USB Microphone For Rapping

Best USB Microphone For Rapping

Best USB Microphones For Rapping

Advantages Of A USB Mic

The advantage of a USB Microphone over a normal microphone for rap vocals is that USB microphones are:

1) Plug and Play –
Meaning that you simply plug them in and they work. There really isn’t much work that goes into the set up except setting up the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Pro Tools to recognize the microphone is inputting a signal. That takes 2 seconds to do and BAM you are recording your rap vocals.

2) They Are Cheaper – 
With a USB microphone you don’t need to purchase a preamp (which can cost as much as your microphone for rap vocals)

3) They Are Portable – 
You can throw it right into a book bag and roll to your friends house to start recording rap vocals.

4) You Don’t Need All The Cables –
XLR Cables can get expensive! Trust me.

If you want a list of the best normal rap microphones for rap vocals you can find that here:
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Of course I also have a list of the best rap preamps for rapping which you can find here:
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Disclaimer: I am going to recommend you get a normal microphone and preamp over a USB microphone for rapping. Their quality is much higher and will give you a better recording. USB is great if you are just starting out and are on a budget until you can finally afford to move up.

Best USB Microphones For Rapping

Best USB Mic Choices

Rode NT-USB for rapping


I’m a fan of Rode microphones. This USB microphone also has a gain knob on it to turn up it’s input.

The one I link to here also includes a pop filter custom made for the microphone that also adds some style to the microphone.

It also comes with it’s own desktop tripod.

Cool additional feature of the microphone is the headphone jack. You can plug your headphones right into the microphone.

It is one of the most expensive USB microphones on the list for a reason. You get what you pay for!

blue yeti for rap vocals

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

This is a very solid microphone. As you’ll see in the link below you can choose from numerous colors with this microphone. That is not something that is normal.


This microphone also allows you to adjust the gain as well as the pattern that the microphone takes in the signal with knobs right on the microphone itself. Most microphones don’t have that feature.

It’s really not that expensive at all. Still you will find cheaper microphones for rap vocals below that will still work for you.

Apogee MiC 96k USB microphone

Apogee MiC 96k

Apogee makes some really insanely good Preamps.

They have great technology and I’m sure their microphones are incredible.

I think this USB microphone is geared for Mac users.

I can guarantee it is a solid microphone especially seeing all of these reviews around the internet.

Shure PG42 usb microphone

Shure PG42

A bit on the higher priced side but you are going to get a SOLID vocal quality from this compared to a lot of the other microphones on the list.

Shure is a very very very well known company in the microphone space for a reason.

These top 4 microphones I have listed (The Rode NT USB Microphone, Blue Yeti USB Microphone, Shure PG42 USB Microphone and Apogee USB MiC 96k) are all great choices for rappers that want to start recording themselves at home

Best USB Microphones For Rapping

Great Secondary Choices


Samson CO1U 

I’ve been recommending this microphone to people for YEARS.

Why? Because it is the USB microphone I started with for rap vocals. It is what helped me start developing my microphone presence, rap flow and delivery as an artist that has built me to become the successful rap artist I am today.

A HUGE benefit of getting this microphone and the reason I recommend it at the top of the secondary list is because it comes with FREE recording software that would usually cost you money. It is a great starter package with a solid recording software.


Audio-Technica AT2020USB for rapping

Audio-Technica AT2020USB

This actually costs about $20 more than the Blue Yeti and I haven’t personally tested it but I can see from reviews around the internet that this is a solid microphone for the price.

Honestly I would prefer this microphone to be about $50 cheaper since you can get the normal AT20 for around $85 which is cheaper than the USB but… That’s their choice.

You still don’t have to purchase a preamp, so you are saving money.

CAD U37 Microphone


This is definitely one of the cheaper microphones on the list. You can get this for $50 which is dirt cheap for any microphone for rapping nowadays.

The microphone has a bass roll off switch feature. Which I never recommend turning on. All bass you want to cut from the recording can be taken out in the mix.

It also has a -10 Db switch which I’d never use because I’d adjust the gain in the software to be perfect as opposed to just dropping it exactly 10 and recording.

One thing I can say about this microphone is you can get an entire set up for dirt cheap. The mic, a mic stand, desktop tripod and pop filter all for only $90 and free shipping. That’s hard to beat if you are just starting out.

Check that package deal out here.

Best USB Microphones For Rapping

Additional Cheaper Options

Everything in the list below is a cheaper selection of more portable USB microphones. I don’t really RECOMMEND these for people who are a bit more serious but if you are just starting off these are cheap and I wanted to be sure to list every decent USB microphone for rap vocals around.

Blue Snowball usb microphone

Blue Snowball

Another USB microphone in the Blue brand microphone line up.

You have probably seen this microphone if you have been looking around online for USB microphones for rapping and recording.

All the reviews mention how they get solid quality vocal recordings with this.

Still, you get what you pay for. I’d recommend the Yeti above over this.

It is towards the bottom of my USB microphone list for rap vocals for a reason. 🙂

Samson Meteor usb microphone for rapping

Samson Meteor

Another one of the cheaper ones on the list.

People with a specific taste probably like the look of the microphone. Kind of like something from men in black.

Honestly I wouldn’t say this is a smart choice for a Smart Rapper.

But it does have a lot of great reviews and my first microphone was a Samson that I still have in a box to this day so I trust the brand name.

samson usb go mic

Samson Go Mic

This is on the list because it is dirt cheap and a GREAT *Starter USB Microphone* for people who just want to get used to recording their vocals, practicing building their flows and more.

Please note that this microphone fits in the palm of your hand. I only recommend it if you are seriously broke and just want to get started.


Blue Snowflake USB microphone

Blue Snowflake

Like the Samson USB Go Microphone this is another small hand held sized microphone that has a low cost that you can use to get started.

It has the Blue microphone brand name so I’m sure it is solid along with the reviews I’m seeing for it.

I recommend everything at the top of the list as well as the Samson CO1U USB microphone. Hope I helped! Be sure to check out the Smart Rapper Channel with 100 videos of information all for rappers!

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