How a Song Review Can Greatly Benefit an Artist

Whether you’ve created a song that you KNOW is amazing, or you’ve slapped something half-assed together and need guidance, submitting your song for a song review is the smartest decision you can make before a release.

I repeat: BEFORE a release.

Submitting a song to be reviewed for improvements AFTER you’ve put it on Spotify or Apple Music is equivalent to jumping out of a plane, and THEN making sure your parachute was packed properly.

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Here at Smart Rapper, we are dedicated to helping young artists reach their full potential in their respective, unique careers. Today, we are doing so by giving you the tools you need to get your music reviewed.

How Do I Know If My Song Is Any Good?

To our own ears, and under our own criteria, our music is always going to sound different to us than to others. As artists, it is possible to tune our ears and pretend as if it is our first time hearing our own record, but we cannot completely detach from our biases with that method.

You must reach out to others and get genuine feedback, but you won’t get that from just anyone.

Why Not Just Show My Songs To Friends and Family?

You COULD go to your friends and ask, “Is my song any good?” and get a yes every time because they don’t want to offend you. You COULD go to your mother and ask, “Is my song any good?” and get lectured on your content. You COULD go to your grandmother and ask, “Is my song any good?” and she doesn’t understand a word you’re saying.

But you SHOULD submit your music to the experienced professionals over at for an in-depth, constructive, non-biased song review. THAT’S how you get the feedback you need, and your first step is clicking this link:

We break down every aspect of your record and analyze the parts of the whole so that you know which areas you need improvement in. Here is an example of a Smart Rapper song review:

How Do I Get My Entire Album Reviewed?

The process is fast and simple. You’re standing in your own way of excellence by allowing yourself to fear criticism and reject guidance. With Smart Rapper, you have a team of rappers and producers with a keen ear for talent waiting for your submissions. We can help you refine your album and transform it from a decent attempt to a jaw-dropper.

Treat Song Reviews Like a MANDATORY Quality Check Prior to a Release.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from having a QUALITY second, third, even fourth opinion on your music with a song review. What do you have to lose? Time? Here at Smart Rapper, we can review your song and send you feedback on the SAME DAY you submit it. Excuse? Out the window.

Get your album reviewed track-by-track by qualified music reviewers so that there is NO DENYING how your project will perform in the market. That is, as long as you take our advice and make necessary changes where needed.

5 More Reasons To Get Your Song Reviewed By Professionals

1) A Song Review Will Verify the Changes You Were on the Fence About Making.

How often during your music-making process do you say, “I don’t know how I feel about that,” whether you’re listening to how you pronounced a word, an instrument you added into the hook, an effect you added to your voice, or a decision you made about the song structure? Sometimes, you just go with it, even though you’re conflicted or not fully satisfied with how it came out.

The last thing you want is to hear those imperfections every single time you listen to that song that you already released, or have a friend say, “I really liked that song…except for that one part.” Then, you regret skipping over that revision, and it haunts you mercilessly.

We won’t let that happen. We’ll ask you to tweak that part.

2) Positive Song Reviews Will Highlight Potential Singles in an Album.

We are our own toughest critics. Sometimes, due to insecurities and doubts, we do not give ourselves the credit we deserve. On the journey toward self-improvement, especially as a perfectionist, we can always be better.

We could have an absolute HIT on our hands, but be completely oblivious to it because we were “just experimenting” or “just playing around with that one.”

There are times when we need someone to say, “This song is incredible, and it is strong enough to be a stand-alone single,” for us to study it under a different microscope. This will help in your marketing plan for your project, knowing which song to push as a representation of the rest of the entire album.

3) Negative Song Reviews Will Eliminate Outliers.

How many times do you listen to an album and skip over a track that you weren’t vibing with? This happens ALL the time. Often, this is because the album up to that point successfully captured the range of emotions you wanted to feel, and the song you skipped took you out of that experience.

This is unpleasant for a listener, and it will cause them to judge the entire project more harshly because it did not flow well from beginning to end.

That song in your album is a chink in your armor, and by keeping it in there, you are risking people not only skipping that song…but the rest of the project. In their head, they think, “This artist placed all of their good songs in the beginning, and this is where it gets not-so-good.”

We can tell you if one of your songs is not as strong as the others and advise you to omit that song from the rest of the project. We know that you may have a connection to that particular song, and may not want to 86 it. All we can do is give you the best advice we can. Only YOU can make that final decision. Choose wisely.

4) Avoid the Disappointment of Poor Performance.

If you have a SOLID project and promote it the right way, people will be drawn to it and want to share. Check out this other article in which we discuss ways to market your music:

If your project clearly needs improvement, and you’re pushing it as a final product, people will assume you have no desire to get better, even if that may not be true. You have shown them what you are satisfied with.

It is difficult to change someone’s opinion of a musician once they’ve developed one. That opinion will be shared with others every time your name is brought up around them (in the context of music) and discourage other potential fans from ever checking you out.

Word of mouth is the greatest advertisement. If that mouth is closed, or no one is talking about your music in a way that gets others engaged, it will not perform well upon future releases.

Make the necessary improvements BEFORE your release to give your music the foundation it needs to blow up. Utilize our services. We don’t want people to shut up about how AMAZING you are.

5) Become a Wiser Artist for Future Songs.

You will learn what to listen for when correcting mistakes and strengthening your projects in the future. Apply your newfound knowledge to every lyric that doesn’t fit in with the others, every verse that’s holding your song back from its full potential, every hook that needs more bounce, and every mix that needs tweaks.

This will also make you the smartest rapper in the room when you’re collaborating with other artists. They will begin to come to you for advice, similar to how you can come to us with this link:

Teach them what we’ve taught you. When you can successfully duplicate your excellence is when you know you are becoming a Smart Rapper.

Song Reviews Are A No-Brainer.

Allow me to reiterate how CRUCIAL it is to have your music reviewed by artists who understand your vision, and want to help you express it to your audience. It is not enough to show your songs to the “yes men” by which you are surrounded on a daily basis. That will not result in the best product.

Just look at this testimonial for our reviews, and see for yourself how we’ve helped push careers to the next level:

Also, be open-minded with reviews, even when you disagree with the feedback. If the reviewer sees a flaw, and they are credible, chances are others will think the same thing. You and your reviewer are after the same goal: For your music to be the best it can be. Some things will be harder to hear than others, but the intention is for you to advance.

There are plenty of places to submit your music for review on the Internet, but none are quite like Smart Rapper. Let us help you get to the top.

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